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Endless Marketing Group creates impactful videos, integrated marketing campaigns, and effective SEO Directories Placement services. Our experienced team has the technical knowledge and artistic skill to create original, fully integrated marketing solutions that address your most demanding project needs.

Founded in 1994, Endless Marketing Group has served as a trusted partner to an impressive clients list in a wide range of industries including entertainment, manufacturing, technology, health care, education, real estate and more.

Our team of highly skilled and talented artists and designers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality video and marketing that fully address our clients' objectives, exceed expectations and deliver real results.

Whether your needs call for a new or redesigned video presentation, a new promo campaign, or higher placement on Internet Searches, Endless Marketing Group can help. We have the breadth and depth of creative and technical experience to quickly understand your company's specific objectives and offer creative strategies, ideas and effective solutions for your project needs.

CEO / Creative Director

Advanced creative designer, Christian Peritore combines world-class graphic design, with video audio/visual media and music, then annunciates it the world via innovative video marketing, making companies and individuals steady yearly online income in the millions, and their projects & promo campaigns ranked top in several Search Engines.

In the relatively short history of the Internet, Christian Peritore has successfully designed and developed close to 2000 major design projects, specializing in integrated campaign design and corporate branding, and impactful video presentations.

Perfectly suited to advanced marketing, Christian comes with unique talent, superior design skills, a vast background in music and audio/visual, strong foundation in marketing basics and specialized Internet marketing.

His key skills include creative direction, marketing, graphic design, website design, web interface design and programming, logo design and corporate identity, technical illustration, flash animation, online database and e-commerce applications, and lots more.

Utilizing design styles from genres including film, music, entertainment and corporate, Christian has set the standard for high-end design versatility and has consistently ranked in the top 15% of online Designers.

Christian has collaborated with many world-class designers and has apprenticed many aspirants as well.

Proficient in computers since 1985, Christian established and headed up Earthlink's Tier II Technical Support Team in the mid 90's; servicing VIPs and supervising Support for technology, including Dial-Up, ISDN, DSL, Satellite, LAN and Frame Relay.

Clientele have included: Kurzweil Music Systems, Comfort Keepers, Unicity, Earthlink, IP Dynamics, Jantaq Inc., Boones Animals for Hollywood, Sunrise Aviation, Miss Burbank Beauty Pageant, California Theatrical Youth Ballet Co., Ronco Products, Gerard Roofing Technologies, Software Shelf International, Terracal Construction Co., Zen Engineering, and many more.

Christian's creative design and video development services have consistently proven to be a high return investment for companies seeking to expand their market presence and maximize their income and profitability.

Christian is also a Private Pilot for General Aviation, and musician composer and performing drummer for over 40 years.

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VP Marketing / Sales

Taina's specialized training is Marketing and PR and new public promotion. Trying to keep up on an ever-changing field and offer solutions in this vein is a challenge but she stays on top of new ways to promote!

She has put on several large, successful events. 

Taina's entrepreneurial mindset and out-of-box approach consistently helps businesses promote and expand and make money, which brings great pride. We do a great job at this. Our clients remain with us for years on end, and are mainly expanding despite a tough economy.

Another unique characteristic of Taina's many, is connecting businesses to each other. Don't hesitate to ask if she can connect you to a strategic alliance that you need. She is a wealth of connections to literally thousands of people.

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We understand apprehension to costs as the first concern. However it's not the money you spend, but the money you don't make, that is always the greater loss. On average, our clients realize more than approx. 10 times their investment in our services.

Hire a good designer, video team, and SEO experts, and PROMOTE! Always and endlessly.

Simple. Why? Because it makes you more money.

Especially in these times of economic crisis, the tendency is to save every penny. And ironically the first thing to cut is seemingly "non-essential" promotion. Not good.