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Pricing for each of our Video and Marketing services vary according to several factors.
A base price for hourly services starts at $100/hr.
We aim to set pricing as affordable for even the most budget conscious client.

Each service has its features, and will be detailed in the contract for each.

We are not structured or manned for small walk-in/rush tasks, but instead work by project, and it's best to allow a 2-4 weeks turn-around on most smaller projects. Of course larger video projects should allow approx. 1-2 months for completion, which varies with project requirements.

Please note that production time allowed starts with the Registration process done, and all Content we need to move forward in hand. Most often it's the gathering of client's Content materials that delays most projects.

Yes & No. Video projects can of course be revised and updated as needed, provided the original developmental files are available and functional. Our team must perform this work, and cannot be done by the client, as highly specialized and proprietary pro-version software is used to create video edits, and is not a client-level resource. Please also note that social networks such as YouTube, etc., do NOT allow the simple "replacement" of a given video, but instead ONLY allow a new upload. What this means is that a video with high subscriptions, for example, will lose its placement in rank and popularity.

We offer Marketing and Concept Consultation at separate fees, however, it’s best to define your basic company message and research other similar competitors to see how others display their information.

It's a collaboration really; Yes we offer Script Writing and Content Writing services; However, please keep in mind, we are here to relay YOUR message. Thus, in general how it all starts, is that the client provides the basic Content materials (text, photos, etc.) for the basic message for every project. Then of course we provide video location shoot and still photography services to create the final presentation.

With that in mind, ideally after initial Consultation/Interview, client would gather and have ready as much of the Content materials for the project as available, and this helps prevents project delays. 

Not after a certain phase. Since each subsequent task of the project depends on the absolute final completion of the prior task, logically any change to a latter step required we "work backwards" to revise the prior step in order to complete the next. For example, the Timeline of visual and effects is based on a flowing Narration, and if you alter the content or flow of that narration, then obviously the Timeline will need to be redone accordingly.

In essence this is called "double work" and inevitably costs the client added costs for the added time. Thus, as projects move forward thru these interdependent tasks, and where projects phases are completed quickly, then we want to avoid having to go back and revise things unless absolutely necessary. 

All our video projects are designed with the idea and guidelines of being well placed on Search Engines. If you give us a list of Keywords for your industry and activity, we will make use of those in the development, which helps.

However, it is for this reason we offer the combination of both great videos, AND Search Engine Directory Placement. Read more at our Services section.  

Please know that Internet Marketing and Search Engine Placement is an involved subject, and though we offer these unique services, nor can we guaranty your relative placement on Search Engines above others. 

Sure. But why? The YouTube channel for example is ALWAYS the account of the client. It's YOUR channel.

Further, the Content Materials we are given are always the property of the client, and once fully paid, all other Content Materials (such as photo shoot originals, graphics, etc.) that we generated for the client, are then the exclusive property of the client as well.  

As explained above, a video with high subscriptions for example, will lose that exposure and popularity if moved.

If you have further questions, please let us know and we'll get them answered for you.