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Womens Auto Connection
– Protecting women car buyers.

Company launch and goal of nation-wide recognition, also including presentations to close initial investor.

We did preliminary surveys and masterminded the “butler serving car” campaign concept. From there we provided both online and offline/printed marketing communications. This included integrated campaign design, responsive website (compatibility for desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), and shopcart. We then did a small series of videos with all custom video graphics (which themselves included interviews, script writing, photos and footage, custom slides, illustrations/diagrams, narration and coaching, editing and publishing to YouTube and other channels). We fleshed out the offline/printed items including letterhead, business cards, postcards, brochures, book cover, inserts, flyers, info sheets, posters, standing banners and trade-show booth setups, coupons, various ads, and more.

Womens Auto Connection not only got their initial investor funding, but has indeed achieved national recognition as the most unique and humanistic and innovative business concepts in all the automotive and other industries. Indeed, we agree that the need of victimized women auto buyers everywhere are well served by this great company.

“Christian is the man. Christian is as brilliant as he is generous and hard-working. We could never have achieved our success without his awesome work and inspiring collaboration. He's a true genius. We owe a huge debt of thanks to him, his team, and all he has done for us!”

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