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Gianni Vincent Jewelers
– Exclusive fine jewelry and colored diamonds

30 page jewelry collection catalog for 2017, promoting to all Florida and east coast States.

At this writing, other items are contracted and scheduled including posters, fliers, full-size highway Billboard, mini-catalog, and multiple ads, and will be added herein as available.
This project was the main 30 page catalog. We flew all the way to Orlando for the importance of collaborate on location with this client. We hand-picked 200 of the best photos from the over 1200 photos, both jewelry and models wearing select jewelry pieces. To meet the discriminating high standards of this client's buyers, each photo had to be tediously separated out of its background by clipping path then brought back into focus and then color corrected, and then photos of pretty gals modeling the jewelry pieces had to be clipped, colorized, blemish removed and surface blurring to reveal soft skin textures. Only then could we begin the layouts in the actual catalog booklet itself. Organized into logical groups, we then strategically placed jewelry pieces on elegantly muted backgrounds of faded water-color artwork of Italy and Italian landscapes, highlighted with Pantone color purple borders of various shapes. Then each page was christened with a classy Title, and either a profound quote/blurb, and/or just the jewelry descriptions. Yes, this seemingly less than intimidatingly at first, this project was surprisingly formidable, all said and done. However, the layouts surveyed very well unanimously, and the clients is as pleased as we are proud to have had the opportunity to work in this jewelry industry genre.

Gianni Vincent Jewelers will display this stylish catalog to over 200,000 readers in print form, and millions of viewers online all over the U.S. And if predictions hold true, this client will crush it this Xmas season, and attract buyers for years to come.

Some progress survey comments include: “Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.” “Ooh wow!” “Stunning!” “That's genius. Just genius.” “Beautiful and elegant.” “VERY nice!” and lots more.
“Christian, we love you. You are a real pro.”

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