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Includes placement and online cloud account to place and manage placements.


Directories and their value in promotion online:

A Directory is a business listing online or in a publication of some type. Also referred to as Citations, these Directory listings have increased in value to Marketing, esp online marketing. Google currently favors about 69 Key Directories in local searches. So every small business should be listed in the directories that are applicable to what their business is doing.

Initially it can be pretty time consuming for a small business to create all of these listings, and then update them regularly. But at the very least one should have the correct information across all of these listings, and it should contain the name and address of the business, have good reviews, testimonials, images and a good description of the business. The more you add into your directories, the better your business will be represented. Yelp, Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo are a few well known directories that you might be familiar with. Even Facebook has the ability for you to create a business directory listing.

Further, if you add a nice Sales and Marketing Video to your directory and key word rich text it will maximize your SEO search results. Videos are listed very quickly by Google in search results.

Conveniently (just in case you didn't know), Endless Marketing Group is dedicated to creating some really rich looking artistic and professional videos for launching new business and new product/service launches. It's what we're all about, and we would love to create a video for your own marketing!

Once done, we can get your video out to over 200+ locations on the internet!

Our service allows you to update these key 69+ directories quickly and easily from one central location, helps keep your company coming up in local searches, and saves your business a lot of time that you would otherwise need to spend for half the results.

We offer a FREE report on how your business is doing in Directory establishment, and it will also show you what people are seeing about your business online!

So call anytime to discuss!