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In truth, this is where we shine, and can offer your video project a great deal more than ordinary otherwise uninspiring video presentation.


A weatherman gets up and tells you there’s a huge cold front coming in from the northwest, BUT SHOWS YOU NOTHING visually. You would feel there’s something missing, absolutely.

Whereas, the nice big map in the background SHOWING the cold front in bold blue color looks as it should. You think to yourself “oh there it is, I can see that. Wow, that IS a huge cold front!”

See? You expect the video presentation to SHOW YOU the subject matter and convey the message visually, so you can SEE the concepts with your own eyes. Indeed today’s audience have come to expect a quality VISUAL experience to accompany any spoken word and/or typed text. If not, one could hardly call it a video at all!!

Over 25 Years of World-Class Graphics:

Well you’re in luck; We come with over 25 years of world-class graphic design in over 2000 major successful campaigns, and we’re not afraid to use that expertise on your video!

Graphics and graphic elements can be used in limitless ways to far better convey your message.

Annotations / Diagrams / Charts / Graphs / Etc.:

Added to any video there can be an infinite number of possible visual aids that help convey the message.

An example might be if the main shot is of a product such as sunscreen cream lotion to protect against the burning Sun… Well the graphic might show a nice graphic diagram of the Sun’s harmful UV waves blocked or reflected off the sensitive skin.


In video, a cutaway shot is the brief display of another shot followed by the return to the original first shot. It is typically related information and used to help convey the further detail of the main subject action.

An example might be of a product such as toothpaste to whiten your teeth, where the main shot is of a pretty girl brushing… Well the “cutaway” shot might show a nice graphic shot of the plaque and tartar coming off, and then cut back the pretty girl with big smile showing perfect white teeth. Not original, but quite effective.

Examples are infinite. But the virtue is that the result is a better commentary to the original scene, and viewers understand your message better because they can SEE it with their own eyes.

Purely GRAPHICS Videos:

You might think of these as a Presentation or Slideshow made into a motion video, where the main visual is a combination of text and graphic elements communicating the message, and not any person.

There are many truly great videos that contain no live footage, no live subject, no photos of real world at all. And yet they often have great success! Punchy, dynamic and energetic videos can be done with Graphic Elements alone, captivating the audience equally if not a LOT more so than some boring talking head video.

Added Value!

We offer high-end custom graphics for your video project, and guaranty it will greatly add to the quality and appeal of your video, and your video being understood by its audience, no matter its subject.