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Don’t waste time and money trying to sell ice to the Eskimos!

What do people need? In short, products and services should fulfill the needs of the buyer, and their marketing should be based on adequate survey of the typical target buyers.

Imagine; A waitress brings over some coffee to the table. But no one at that table drinks coffee.
Stupid example perhaps, but when you multiply that over thousands of advertising/manufacturing dollars or perhaps a lot more, you're talking about a lot of wasted coffee, and unhappy buyers that were hoping for a decent cup of tea, no return business, ruined public relations, and incalculable lost income.

The ultra-simple survey would go “Coffee anyone?” And voila! Now the waitress knows:

  • IF the buyers want coffee at all (relative popularity and approx value to target public),
  • HOW MANY of the buyers present (what percentage) would like coffee,
  • HOW these buyers would like their coffee prepared for them (features),
  • and whether you have a viable demand (a VIABLE product or service to supply the needs of the public).

We always try to base our marketing campaign, including videos, on well-surveyed public, and dial in the “hot buttons” and “call to action” phrases based on research and survey results, if at all possible.

Here again, asking the RIGHT questions in research and surveys, makes all the difference in the world for the accurate results of your public and whether your product or service will succeed in the market.

Our advice is to broadcast your message to an audience that's actually LISTENING.
Research and surveys are the only answer.

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