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This is a huge subject, but let's cover a few important highlights for video production.

Content is king:

We feel that Videos should be well-written, informative, inviting and truly answer buyer-requested inquiries with the expected results. And better sales/marketing videos are indeed. The facts should be present, and arguments should be compelling and convincing. Buyers are very savvy these days, and they want to be accurately informed, advised of features/benefits and important differences, notified of public Reviews, and inspired to confidence, as well as desirably entertained! Hype and empty claims have no place in contemporary marketing. Further, one need not SHOCK buyers into buying. Marketing that attempts to frighten buyers into buying under duress, doesn’t make for repeat buyers and loyal consumers.

So we endeavor to leave out the baloney, and get the real-deal facts, and captivate viewers with good info as well as good writing and truly nice graphics. This can include research, client interviews, presenting graphic visual aids such as chart, graphs and diagrams, and real-people giving real testimonials if at all possible.

Format is Essential:

We believe the Script, Narration and all surrounding Content materials that go into a decent video should not only give good information about your products and services, but it should follow a logical Format. For “Explainer Videos” or most marketing/sales videos, a correct sequence of enlightenment to your buyers that explains things in a logical way, step-by-step, and doesn't jump right to the price before all else (depending on the project of course). We give the details, even in a fun and entertaining way; but only then offer the price, and call the buyer to action to contact you by the clearly displayed phone, website, email, etc.

Specific Formats may vary according to you the client and your particular project. For example:

  • Could introduce and explain product/service benefits.
  • Could report case studies of real-people applications and successes.
  • Could be in an Interview format, or perhaps a Question/Answer format.
  • Could be instructional/how-to format and cover exact procedure steps for anything.
  • Could be Testimonials format.
  • Could be one of many more formats that may be appropriate for your project.

The Script:

As for the Script itself, its layout is somewhat standardized. Not so old-school, we use a more modern online shared document in spreadsheet format that contains columns for Scene, Shot, Cue, Dialogue/Narration, Visuals, Sound/Music, and other Notes. In this way any and all parties to the project can share and view the document and contribute as applicable. Shared docs are a great way to go these days.

From the Script:

Once the Script itself is fleshed out, other tasks branch off such as a Shot List for the videographer, recorded Reading for the Narration, Graphics can be worked up, and Music can be chosen and will be edited according to the Scenes/Shots. And the project flows that way.

Content Gathering Always Takes The Most Time:

Please note well, that the process of a video is not often a fast, overnight project, and that the preps---the gathering of raw Content Materials, writing of the Script, arranging for Narration Reading, etc.---are the things that are slow and take the most time (by far) of any video project. So please know this going in and have patience, allowing for these prep tasks to take their course.

The Script Is the Foundation:

All videos in their final form, are preceded by a Script which is the foundation and first essential building block. Without it, the video production inevitably becomes double and triple work, and may indeed fall way short of the intended marketing message or fail to appeal to its targeted audience.

Let us know your ideas… We’ll flesh out the Script and verbiage.